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Errors of the Past

Lyrics and Music by John E. Schulz
© 2005, all rights reserved

I wake alone again, and I wonder when,
I won't wake up lost.
And all the papers say threat level red today.
Living here carries such a cost.

The more things change,
The more things stay the same.
The sins of the fathers are gaining fast,
As we repeat the errors of the past.

Suppress a people down, they rise for revenge.
The pattern is unending.
Leaders on both sides proclaim, we can not compromise.
Our way of life, we're defending.


Soldiers march through dust of battles long ago, Shadows on the ground.
Belfast to Tripoli, Peleliu to Jericho, the walls come tumbling down.

Little words for little minds, God is on our side,
You're either with or against us.
Those who try to understand are quickly set aside,
There is no room for dissension.



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