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Sink or Swim

Lyrics and Music by John E. Schulz
© 2006, all rights reserved

I know a man with the future in his hands,
And he looks a lot like me.
He runs around all over town,
Not liking things the way they've come to be.
He doesn't seem to realize,
Real change has to start with him.
Hard lesson to learn, Sink or Swim.

I know someone who is always on the run,
And they look a lot like you.
They spend their time always looking out behind,
Never sure what they ought to do.
Right around the dreams are safe to try,
The chance for success is slim.
Hard lesson to Learn, Sink or Swim.

Hard lessons, harder still
Is believing there's time to kill.
Real changes they start inside,
A force of nature, a rising tide.

There isn't time for making up your mind,
Doing nothing is a definite choice.
You're lying on the ground, your possessions all around
Those who sacrifice that have a voice.
Weren't you the man with the bible in his hand
Preaching 'bout original sin?
Hard lesson to Learn, Sink or Swim.

So take a look around your defenses are down
In the mirror is the place to begin.
Hard lesson to Learn, Sink or Swim.


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